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Client’s Quote

My name is Juliet, I want to appreciate you all for the attention and referral I received from this great company. With the help of your staff Sangeetha and Farzeen Ashik, I was connected to an amazing company with awesome package.

Please keep up the good work guys. You are definitely the best out here

Juliet Nwafor – Marketing, Birba energy

I am really impressed by the great efforts of Neha. She helped me to find a job in Oman.

And she was very honest and patient which I really appreciate. She helped to join a fantastic hospital in Muscat. Thanks so much Neha

And I strongly recommend Neha for helping my friends to find the most suitable job

Dr. Samah Helmy Malek Specialist OBG

I would like to thank Neha for her hard work and efforts in helping with my job placement in Oman. I truly appreciate the Ascend team

Dr. Omar Awed, General practitioner, Vivid Hospital, Saham

" Farzeen Ashik is very structured and detailed. Her attention to detail is indeed a trait I wish more people developed in today's genre. One of the best trait in HR personnel and a coach is to listen well and understand the requirements, of the person by connecting well with them and she is a pro at that, can easily one of the best in the business."

Smit Shah, COO, StarCare

" Ascend Consulting LLC had helped Beehive Oman with the initial recruitment and had recommended some excellent candidates for our business development department. Farzeen understood our need and niche (FinTech) and helped us connect to candidates for the required role. Happy to have connected and moved forward with the project."

Suraj Gopal, Investment Director, Beehive, UAE

" I found coaching sessions with Farzeen tailor made for me. She took time to listen and really get into the depth of the areas where I need help. Her methods allowed me to recognize my saboteurs and offered easy do-able solutions for them. I would definitely recommend Farzeen to people looking to advance in career/life ; as coaching with her provides one with needed check points and re-calibration."

Meera Mathew, Associate Director, Pepsico

" Farzeen is amazing. She patiently listened to my story. She believed in me and made me feel comfortable. She is amazing and a very talented Career Coach. She helped me with my CV and applying for a job in Qatar. I was able to find a job in just 1 week after being coached by her. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is serious about their career."

Ritika Gupta, Lead Teacher, Smart Kids Kindergarten, Doha, Qatar

" I've been taking career coaching sessions from her for the past few months. She is extremely positive and supportive; and has built up my confidence, sometimes without me even realising it. She got to the core of what was really going on with me and made me see how it was just me holding myself back. I’d recommend her to anyone or any group that needs direction, encouragement, and nourishment."

Sneha Fernandes, Entrepreneur, Muscat, Oman

" Ascend Consulting helped me in my placement in Oman. had a wonderful experience with the team. I have referred around dozens of specialist colleagues to use this platform. I am satisfied with the services provided by Ascend consulting and in future I will refer and recommend other people to get benefited from the firm."

Dr. Arsalan, Specialist ENT, Ibri, Oman

"Special thanks to the Ascend team for taking extra effort to make sure the whole recruitment process went on smoothly and it would not be possible without strong communication skills that must be mentioned. You really went above and beyond to do all process in a timely manner. I can tell your company is committed and having highly professional team, and I really appreciate it.”

Dr. F, Specialist OBG, Muscat, Oman

“With Ascend Consulting, you can achieve your dream of working as a Staff Nurse in Oman. They do not charge staffing fees and they only offer direct hire. They collaborate with hospitals and healthcare employers that will provide nurse sponsorship for a work visa. Their approach and services are highly professional. They will make your Prometric Exams and Dataflow processes smooth and sweet. If you are a nurse and you want to explore, make up your mind and start with Ascend Consulting today. Thank you for helping me to achieve my Dream as a nurse.”

Babatola O. Benjamin, Staff Nurse, Muscat, Oman

"Over the weekend we had a Full Day intense Team Building Corporate event for a local bank. We had a 25 mins slot vacant & asked Farzeen Ashik to come in with a motivation Session & gave her a 1 day notice only! She came, delivered & it was Great!! Highly recommend her"

Yesha Kanabar, Areej Events, Muscat, Oman

“ As a small business, it can be quite daunting when addressing HR related issues.
With Ascend Consulting it has been super easy and smooth. Farzeen didn’t make any decisions for me, but rather laid out all the options available to me inline with regulations and laws, and helped me find what worked best for me and my operation. Things were tailored to fit my business, which made me realise the detail that Ascend Consulting put into their services.
Professionalism from start to finish. They are our now “GO TO” HR department .”

Kairos by Blumberg

“We contacted Ms.Farzeen for our assessment needs as a part of our candidate selection process. The Hogan's Assessment was a credible tool for evaluating the candidates` areas of strengths as well as concerns. In fact, the assessment enabled us to segregate the candidates who had almost the same calibre through the fine analysis of their  characteristics`  dimensions that define their occupational success clearly. A well recommended tool to identify the right candidate especially in the technical domain. Thank you Ms.Farzeen for conducting these assessments for us”


“As Farzeen's first client, I was very impressed. She went the extra mile gathering my requirements even when there were obstacles. She spent countless hours over the phone and made efforts to visit our establishment over the weekend. Having multiple entities, I thought it may be a challenge to standardize HR policies, but she was extremely adaptable and took the proactive approach. She spent time with me understanding my requirements and aligned them with MOMP rules and regulations. She was a pleasure to work with and she was always positive. On weekends or weekdays, she did whatever needed to get the job done. I would recommend Farzeen to all SMEs and legacy corporations that need to assess their HR policies."

Mrs. Sabra Jawad

"I have known Ms. Farzeen for close to a decade now, initially as colleagues and now as business partners. She brings with herself immense knowledge and a razor-sharp focus aimed at timely solutions to even the most complex situation. She is one of the most pleasant and professional people I have come across. I highly recommend her and her organization Ascends consulting ."

Dr.Sarfraz Ahmed